✡STEADFAST✡ @marvin

ok... today i need to get this nextcloud docker thing up. unbelievable there is no official docker image for nextcloud 12 yet

finally mastodon up and running again

@rixx wenn es hart auf hart kommt: einfach in den server raum setzen

work for tomorrow: switch my nextcloud instance to own docker stack

it only took one morning to upgrade . the new entrypoing chowns all files on every container start and it takes hours on overlay2....for every command you executre in a mastodon container...

tonight is football and i dare to think about it

soo... testing tooty as 3rd party web client

@kassiopeia nicht immer. Sehr Temperatur abhängig

Proud owner of a kaweco sport now.

Do you remember when the #internet was simple as doing a web page and you were the webmaster? I miss those times once in a while.